Last Year’s Bubble Experiment

Last winter people starting posting all sorts of fascinating images of frozen bubbles, so (of course) I had to try it myself. I looked online and found a bunch of recipes for bubble solution which we used as a basis for our own solution of dish soap, Karo syrup, and water. Then we went out on a sub-zero afternoon to try it out.

And it worked – sort of.

20140105-DSC_2607We made a “wand” using a plastic cap, which made for frozen fingers. Other than that the only real problem was trying to photograph the bubbles as they floated around my back yard!

20140105-DSC_2626 20140105-DSC_2664Oh – there it is!

20140105-DSC_262320140105-DSC_264020140105-DSC_2696They didn’t look anything like the ones in the pictures I saw, but they were pretty cool anyway.