Processing Zoom Burst Images: How much Clarity?

In my last couple posts on my zoom burst experiments , I was focused on what I could do in the field to create interesting effects. But once I started editing my shots in Lightroom, I realized how much of a difference post-processing could make. Even simple, relatively minor changes, have an impact. For example, just adjusting the clarity significantly changed the overall look of the image.

Low clarity:

Fall at Banning State Park in Minnesota - ExplorationVacation.netMedium clarity:  Fall at Banning State Park in Minnesota --

High clarity:

Fall at Banning State Park in Minnesota -- ExplorationVacation.netIn this case I prefer the high and low clarity images, but that really varied with the image. Often my favorite setting was somewhere in the middle.

What do you think?

Fall Leaves with Zoom Burst
Motion Sickness or How Much Zoom Burst is Too Much?

A Perfect Fall Afternoon at Banning State Park (at ExplorationVacation)

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