2017 Saint Paul Camera Club Scavenger Hunt

The Saint Paul Camera Club begins each season with a “scavenger hunt” that requires members to search out and photograph specific types of images.

As in the past scavenger hunts I’ve participated in, all photos had to be taken in Saint Paul during the day of the contest.

This year participants had to submit images from at least six of the following eight categories:

  • Planes, trains and automobiles
  • Down by the river
  • In a city park
  • State capitol (inside or outside)
  • Romantic encounter or place
  • Peanuts character statue
  • Sports/games
  • Serving our community (e.g., police, fire, hospital workers)

My submissions

I spent the morning with another club member shooting at Como Park, downtown (to get the maximum number of Snoopy statues), and along the river on the West Side. We also made a drive out to Crosby Hills thinking there might be some good river shots there. But that turned out to be a waste of time for purposes of this, although we did find a great railroad loading area along the way.

Later in the day I went out with Lane and shot a lot more along the Mississippi River, both downtown and along River Road and in Hidden Falls Regional Park. I also did a few shots around the neighborhood and by the capitol after dark.

Out of all that, I had at least one submission in each category. (Participants were limited to four submissions in each category.)

These were my submissions:

Planes, train, and automobiles

SPCC planes trains and automobile scavenger hunt by Cindy Carlsson

Down by the river and sports and games

SPCC down by the river and sports and games scavenger hunt by Cindy Carlsson

In a city park

SPCC city park scavenger hunt by Cindy Carlsson

State Capitol

SPCC State Capitol Scavenger Hunt by Cindy Carlsson

Community service and romance

SPCC Scavenger Hunt Romance and Public Service by Cindy Carlsson

Peanuts characters


I wasn’t at the salon where the competition photos were shown, so — aside from the eight winners published in the newsletter — I don’t know what the entries looked like or how many entries there were in each category.

I do known that I got two awards.

I got the award for planes, trains, and automobiles for Punch Fiat.

Punch Fiat by Cindy Carlsson

(I grabbed this shot of a cool old car outside the restaurant where Lane and I had dinner that evening.)

I also got the award for Peanuts characters for Yum, Yum, shot outside Candyland.

Yum Yum Lucy sculpture in St Paul by Cindy Carlsson

And I got a few images for my Saint Paul portfolio for this year.