May Saint Paul Camera Club Salon

May was the final salon for the year.

Print Competition: Color

Going into the salon I had the most points in the color print category, so I really wanted to do well to retain that position.

But I also wanted some realistic feedback on a shot I had taken the summer before and wasn’t sure whether I really liked it or not. I didn’t have anything better prepared, so I submitted Dawn at the Beach in Grand Marias even though I had my doubts.

sunrise along the beach in Grand Marias - PlayingWithPhotography

The judge had mixed feelings about it as well, giving me an 8, but also pointing out the fact that foreground is probably too heavy for the main subject. I hadn’t really been thinking about that, but I think that is a good assessment.

In contrast, I thought I had a sure winner with Night at the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Ancient Japanese bridge at night - PlayingWithPhotography

Sadly, the judge didn’t agree: Too much dark sky above the bridge. He liked it enough to give it an 8, but suggested Photoshopping in the moon. I’m still thinking about that. I would have loved a nice blue hour (which would help lighten that sky), but we never saw much of a blue hour anywhere in Vietnam. I still struggle with that art vs reality issue.

Digital: Looking Down

I ended up with a number of potential shots for this category, but chose Down into Morocco’s Dadas Gorge because of its dramatic color and lines.

Dades Gorge Morocco - Playijng with Photograhy

The judge gave it an 8, pointing out that the blue car made the shot. That was nice to hear, since I chose this image because I thought it needed a vehicle and I liked one best, but hadn’t  thought that much about the color.

The decision to submit Photographer at Work was made at the last minute, as this shot was just taken in Mesa, Arizona, this spring. I liked the combination of the photographer against the patterned plaza.

photographer at work Mesa AZ - PlayingWithPhotography

The judge liked it well enough to give it an 8.

And that was the end of this season’s competitions.