Re-imaging winter at Minnehaha Falls

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I spent a morning shooting Minnehaha Falls last winter. Then I spent a couple of evenings experimenting in Lightroom.

I started off by just moving sliders around to get a soft feel.

Minnehaha Falls Minneapolis ExplorationVacation

Not sure what I was looking for, I started going through my collection of presets. I like the way Trey Ratcliff handles images, so tried some of my favorite presets from his collection. I liked the edge provided by (an edited version of) his A Brighter Glow preset.

Minnihaha Falls Trey's Brighter Glow - PlayingWithPhotography

Digital Photography School also has some nice presets. For this image, the preset I liked best was Baguette from the Street Grit and Grunge collection. It’s reality magnified.

Minnihaha Falls DPS Baguette - PlayingWithPhotography

I also tried some black and white versions. My favorite was based on a preset by the Photo Frontier called Pale Rider.

Minnihaha Falls - Photo Frontier Pale Rider - PlayingWithPhotography

They all capture a different aspect of Minnehaha Fall’s personality that day. . . it’s hard to say which is my favorite!

2 thoughts on “Re-imaging winter at Minnehaha Falls”

  1. One thing I noticed is that you loose the blue in the ice with all the presets except the first one. I think that is one of the things that makes pictures of ice interesting.

    1. That was one of the things I was struggling with – how much to emphasize the blue? Reminds one of a glacier a bit, doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!

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