November Camera Club Salon

You may recall October’s salon was pretty brutal.

Not one to give up, I put as much of my limited time as I could into preparing submissions for November. And then I left for a month in Vietnam and Laos.

Because I missed the salon itself (you don’t have to be physically present for your images to compete), I don’t know really what the judge did or didn’t like or why, but the results were a little better than in October.

Monochrome print entries for November

I entered two very different images for the monochrome print competition.

I don’t photograph people very often, but last summer’s Grand Portage Rendezvous tempted me to try. The event featured lots of people in period dress. They made wonderful subjects for photography, and black and white seemed particularly appropriate.

Voyageurs at Grand Portage Monument Minnesota – ExplorationVac

Apparently the judge agreed, as I received a 9 on my image of a man Playing a Tune on a Pennywhistle.

For my second image I submitted a shot of a Yucca in White Sands National Park.

yucca and dunes

I still like this shot and would have liked to know why the judges didn’t!

I haven’t even begun working with my shots from White Sands, so I’ll probably try another image some time.

Digital contemporary entries for November

I still struggle with digital contemporary (photography where you can do whatever you want using Photoshop). In the end I didn’t submit any completely new work, as all my recent work was pretty subtle and I didn’t think would compete well. Instead I went back to a couple of images from last year and tweaked them a little.

red cyclamen

farm equipment

Apparently the judge didn’t like either of them. I could see why when I saw the winners . . . my fellow club members submitted some truly amazing work this time. Wow!