This Year’s Frozen Bubble Experiment #2: Urban Backyard Bubbles

It was a very still sub-zero morning today — but with sunshine, making it a perfect day for more frozen bubble photos.

- - - - ExplorationVacation.netI was a lot happier with today’s shots. The sun helped, but yesterday’s practice session also helped a lot.

I learned a couple more things today:

  • You really can just drop the bubbles off the end of the straw! Once I had the technique down I wanted to run all over town dropping bubbles everywhere.
  • I can zoom in when I’m shooting in live view. I guess I would have known this if I had finished reading the whole manual for my camera, but I hadn’t and so I didn’t. This knowledge will come in very handy the next time I’m shooting closeups.
  • I can’t seal the ziplock on my waterproof (and air proof) bag when they are cold. (I’m trying to find something to seal my camera in when I’m ready to take it back inside after a cold-weather outing.)

The lack of a macro lens (and eye-sight so bad I can’t really see, even with live view) means I am thinking about how to make better use of the equipment I have. I can’t do the ultra-close-ups of crystals with lots of bokah like everyone else does, but — instead of fighting to make that work — I’m thinking of ways to take my next set of bubbles in a very different, more interesting, direction.

While I’m eager to play with this some more, I’d be ok with having to wait until next winter for more sub-zero weather!

I hope you enjoy today’s shots.

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