Auction Set-up in Aurora

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This weekend we auctioned off many of the things my father collected over the years. (A task that was exhausting, heartbreaking, and a relief.) My brother asked that I document the event since he had to deal with many of the details related to tractors, tools, and telophone equipment.

These pictures were taken as we were getting set-up. To add a little drama to some otherwise pretty standard shots, I processed them in Lightroom using a modified version of Trey Retcliff’s Aurora pre-set.

- - ExplorationVacation.netFamily auction - ExplorationVacation.netI like the way Aurora emphasizes the shapes and pulls out the reds and greens (which makes the tractors pop), but even so, I dialed back the luminescence to keep it a little more under control!

Did I succeed?

For more on the auction itself, see Auction Report from Central Minnesota on ExplorationVacation.