I Discovered the Cartoon Filter (Happy Canada Day)

I’ve been trying for some time to find a source of drawings to use on the index pages for my travel blog.  Unfortunately I’m not a very good artist and I wasn’t finding anything online that I liked, so I wondered if I could transform my own images into something that would give me the feel I wanted.

It turns out that applying Photoshop’s “cartoon” filter to my own images is almost exactly what I wanted.

My first experiments were for the Canada index on my blog:

2007_06_06-00_27_29 Victoria cartooned and named for web Toronto cartoon with title DSC_9830 for web 2007_06_03-22_17_52 Vancouver cartooned and named for webI suspect some images will work better than others (more experiments to come!), but I’m happy with what I have thus far.

If you want to see how I’m using them, check out the Canada index page at ExplorationVacation.